Imran Afzal

Imran is a Principal Designer at Co-op Digital. He specialises in design systems and design leadership.
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About Imran

Imran is devoted to spiritual and emotional healing in the design space. He works with designers to help them understand themselves better.

"Each of us has a unique part to play in the healing of the world."

- Marianne Williamson

About Imran

Imran is a Principal Designer at Co-op with 15 years of experience with design, product and delivery. He has spoken at events for, GDS, Zeroheight, Drupal and many others.

Imran has designed websites, apps and led cross functional teams to deliver metric-shifting value. He's a facilitator of research, workshops and collaborative design. He has developed UX and research capability from the ground up at different orgs, growing several design teams. He's mentored designers from junior to senior level, and likes to bring the focus to humanity in his work. Imran has significant experience of developing design culture within teams and galvanising user-centric thinking, with a track record of engaging c-suite colleagues

At Co-op, Imran is part of the Food CX leadership team, and leads the discipline of design. He also works on the Experience Library. His interest lies in nurturing communities and helping others find their voice within the design space.

Imran often speaks about topics such as empathy and design systems. He mentors designers privately and through Diverse & Equal, a tech for good organisation.

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Imran likes to talk about design. He has spoken at many events hosted by different organisations.

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